How America Could Reduce Fiscal Deficit And Be More Competitive

Globally, people marvel at America’s ingenuity at representing a microcosm of the ability of the human race to team-work while downplaying their diverse ethnicity and creed.

However, the stunning fact that the great Uncle Sam has amassed a whooping deficit of 14.3 trillion dollars in the dawn of the 21st Century has been a shocking revelation to admirers of ‘God’s own country’.

The tone of national political discus has been raised by several notches by rhetorical politicians who seem to be placing ideology and radically entrenched positions over sound economic policies.

But the parochial interests of a few powerful group of lobbyists, politicians and the military-industrial-political complex has now began to erode the framework of America’s economic and socio-political stability. The dope and vice addiction of the underclass has also exacerbated the problem.

Is a wholesome capitalistic system a la Adam Smith the path to choose? Or is there any wisdom in the treatise of Karl Max? Should America be a welfare state?

To be honest with all patriotic Americans who care to read this article, expect a bleak and gloomy economic prognosis if there is no balance between the hawkish ‘no tax’ stand of the Tea Party and the ‘full-speed-welfare-spending’ of the Democrats.

What can be done?

Below are suggestions on what America could do to steer herself out of the current seemingly intractable financial situation.

• Increase or reduce corporate taxes by finding a balance between basic defense spending vis-à-vis government expenditure in time of war and peace.

• Make more peace treaty and less war declaration, rely more on diplomacy than gun-boat ‘us-against-them’ foreign policy.

• Treat deficit, social security fund and other volatile economic issues under National Security, i.e. congress discus on the issue should be done in camera.

• Enforce Trade Laws and encourage CEOs and other Captains of Industry to undergo compulsory continuing education on collective responsibility to America’s economic well-being.

• Continue the march to achieve the Adam Genome Theory which states that racially homogenous societies have no future and are hotbeds for future conflicts.

• Stop the blame game.

• Revamp transportation, electricity and telecommunication systems.

• Intensify the use of the internet for healthcare transactions.

• Circumvent bureaucracy by speeding up procedures and approval of all company formation, contracts and projects on the economy.

• Make the economy more inclusive.

• Reduce dope addiction and food stamp dependency in the society.

• Make cash, equipment lease and loans available for start-ups.

• Re-orientate the Lobbyists-Military-Industrial Complex about the dangers inherent in tax evasion, unholy outsourcing, over profiteering, short selling, inside trading and scams.

• Government and Private establishments should provide free business consultancy for transactions like mergers, takeovers and start-ups.

• Streamline educational curriculum to emerging job opportunities to achieve a balance.

• Encourage the production of generic medicines and patent-expired items or devices the can. outsell US competitors globally.

• Make strong inroad into the global textile market.

• Produce more organic foodstuff and make stricter laws for the introduction of GMO foods into human food chain.

• Use America’s ethnic diversity and multiculturalism to get a larger slice of the world economy.

• Create jobs around graduates who can employ the unskilled.

• Provide easier career switching schemes for the citizenry.

• Find human chores in solely robotic factories to provide employment for people.

• Make peace and economic pacts with at least two-thirds of states worldwide.

• Undertake talent hunt and make fund available to ease the burden of translating ideas into marketable products.

• Look at economic issues from a global and not parochial perspective.

• Encourage Venture Capitalists to fund certain portfolios that could create more jobs.

• Reduce outsourcing of labor.

• Compete in all global markets, i.e. rich, middle-income and developing countries.

• Reduce redundancy, dope peddling, gambling and other unproductive vices among the citizenry by persuasive techniques.

• Ensure zero unemployment i.e. the state and federal government should provide the unemployed with menial jobs rather than giving them food stamps.

• Ensure that food stamps are only issued to poor widows, orphans, tramps and genuinely wretched people.

• Ensure that your economic think-tank forums include contributors from all schools of thought and not limited to graduates from prestigious schools, Wall Street, Politicians, rich people, lobbyists and members of the Military-Industrial Complex.

To compete with Asia, America needs to place emphasis at creating jobs for its citizenry. These effort is seriously undermined by the menace of drugs and widening gap between the haves and have nots.

When Americans put men of wisdom and integrity at the helm of affairs rather than rely on a clique of profit driven hawkish individuals and over hyped advanced technology, then the country would continue to maintain her greatness.

Kindly pass on this article to all politicians and Captains of Industry in America today.

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