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Road-Map Of Human Organ Transplantation Process

Do you know much about human organ transplantation process and its attendant intricacies? Is your knowledge still rudimentary or are you in need of relevant information that is required to lift you out of the confusion that has been caused by ignorance or misinformation about the subject matter?

Well, this article is purposely written to fill you in and suck you onto the platform of ethical, moral, health, political, scientific and theological soul-searching debate concerning human organ transplantation.

Let’s get the definition straight before we go into the nitty-gritty.

The process of moving human body parts from one individual to another or from one part of an individual to another part of the same person is known as organ transplantation. This surgical procedure has been undertaken by mankind for ages. History recorded a miraculous feat by some Catholic Saints way back in the 4th Century. Modern science has moved on with lightning speed following the invention of cutting-edge electronic devices along with advances in cryonics technology and stem cell research which has turned complex organ transplant surgeries into simple medical operative procedures.

Mankind is now able to perform certain hitherto intractable transplant surgeries using stem cells, tissues and organs from living or deceased donors courtesy of better operative skills.

Presently, many countries around the world have regulatory organizations that approve and monitor harvesting, storage as well as transplantation of human organs within their areas of jurisdiction. There are also organizations that have been approved to keep organ banks or perform transplantation surgeries.

As with all human endeavors, each country on earth has its own way of drafting and interpreting the law that governs human organ transplantation. Because of shortage of suitable organs, an ever reducing official list of suitable donors and elongating official waiting list, many governments have had to bend the rules or amend the strict regulation.

In certain eastern nations, human organ transplantation process has even become a business transaction based on a willing buyer-to-seller basis while the government concerned simply charged a transplant-donor-recipient-tax. Consequently, many criminal cases of forced human organ donations have become rampant in such countries.

Although such a laissez-faire policy may shorten the waiting list of recipients, the risk of outbreak communicable diseases is considerably increased.

Should human body parts become a commodity? That is a pertinent question that every living being should answer.

Despite the highly strict regulation of human organ transplantation process in well organized western countries, the psychological pressure of the fear of death among desperate patients on the waiting list of many organ registries and the shortage of donors have driven people to seek after human organs from unofficial but sometimes fraudulent and unscrupulous human-body-parts-sourcing crime cartels.

What should be done to pacify the growing number of anxious and trickster-gullible patients on the human organs waiting list?

Should organ transplantation process be privatized and the laws liberalized?

Would amending the regulation to a position midway between too much restriction and the laissez faire system of Eastern Europe and Asia be ethically, morally and religiously justifiable?

Would such a policy be acceptable to the Public?

Should donors be allowed to put up their body parts for sale in the print or electronic media?

Should countries legally harvest the organs of executed criminals?

Should commercial trading in human body parts be in the statute books?

Should transplantation tourism be banned or allowed to flourish as long as it follows the free-market principle?

Would anyone prefer that the United Nations pass a multilateral agreement that would oblige all nations on earth to stop human body parts being traded like mutton?

Join the debate. Have your say.

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