Book Review: 27th Century Fiasco

BOOK REVIEW: 27th Century Fiasco (Future Century Fiasco)

By Lawrence Atkins , Brandon, Florida, USA.


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It’s a believable but fictional apocalyptic future event.
Date of review: 17th February 2011
Title: 27th Century Fiasco (Future Century Fiasco)
Name of Author: Akintunde M Lawal
Name of the Publisher: Outskirts Press Inc.
Place of Publication: United States of America
Year of Publication: 2010
ISBN (13): 9781432744984

This is a compelling fictional future event. It will ignite your curiosity as to the impact of contemporary stem cell research and human organ transplantation on the trajectory of human evolution! What are the implications for humanity? Would more beautiful and intelligent humans emerge from such experimentation or will it end in a catastrophe? Those are the pertinent questions which this novel attempts to answer. The story is set in 2665 to 2666 A.D.

Leslie Foy, employee of the American Biometrics and Genome Data-bank archiving firm is murdered in London. Few days later, the Biometrics archive is hacked by cyber-criminals. This brings to mind the danger of the internet accessibility of several Biometric and genome data-banks which are being run by governments across the globe. How safe is our personal information?

That horrific scenario led a CIA-FBI investigative team to prod Sacramento Police Chief, Robert Conrad to solve the hacking and murder cases whose perpetrators are thought to be hole up somewhere in his district.

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Then, you get to know Pablo Maldini’s diabolic and insatiable quest for wealth, power and political clout. His confidant and business partner, Professor Guy Sullivan assists him in running the dastardly trade of unethical transplant surgeries and human organ rustling. What would happen if the world allows private organ transplant firms to trade in human organs and stem cells? Is this a giant progressive scientific and evolutionary leap or a journey to a chaotic apocalypse?

As you get engrossed in Robert Conrad’s effort to unravel the ghoulish crime, a high-profile woman is abducted in Sacramento. Later, the woman was able to surmount all the stressful problems caused by the incident with great endurance and stoicism.

Perusing this book might give you goose pimples and get your adrenalin going as you read through the gory details.

All the characters are portrayed as if they exist in a contemporary true-life story.

By the time you approach the end of this believable fictional story, the unending conflict between good and evil on one part or science and religion on another part stares you in the face with haunting poignancy. The endgame of Maldini’s satanic Ponzi scheme necessitates an intervention from future US President, Queen of England, The Pope, European leaders and several intelligence agencies. Was the matter actually resolved eventually? Find out.

You’re guaranteed a roller coaster experience as the author deftly guides you through the twists and turns of a fantastic and mind boggling plot.

It’s a novel that you read and won’t forget quickly. Get set to ponder on questions that have daunted humanity for ages. Should humanity rely on science and evolution to pull through the pitfalls inherent in his existence or is there a role for religion and spirituality?

It’s undoubtedly the best book you’ve missed reading since 2010.

Beware; this is a future event that is waiting to happen under your watch!

Like other great books, this novel is a must read for every living soul.

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